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Three Game Modes in One Box!

Exciting news! While Dance Card! started as a competitive game that saw students racing to be the first to dance with three partners, we wanted to make sure everyone had fun at the dance, even those going solo!

Now, Dance Card! will come with three great ways to play inside the box!

Solo Mode allows a single player to test their moves out by racing against the game itself as they try and achieve their goal of impressing their three partners before the dance is over!

Competitive mode, the original way to play Dance Card!, will see multiple players racing against each other to be the first to win over their three partners! Of course, they'll also have to achieve this goal before the end of the dance!

Cooperative mode will make players work together to ensure all selected students dance with their partners before the dance is over! They can help each other out by trading Smooth Moves cards when in a jam, but watch out! Doing this will accelerate time, bringing the end of the dance closer!

Check out our Kickstarter on Sept. 24 to learn more about these great ways to play and all the other exciting features found in Dance Card!

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