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That's a wrap!

We did it!

Man, it's been a long road to this point. It's actually difficult to remember a time in my life prior to Dance Card! Designing the game, creating art with all of the community feedback, sending copies out to play testers, organizing all the promotional podcast and video content, preparing the Kickstarter, launching the Kickstarter... it's been almost four years of constant work, and now we can definitively say that Dance Card! has funded. That would not have been possible without every single one of you, so THANK YOU! :D

What's next? Quite a bit, actually! There isn't going to be down time for us, as we start preparing all of the files necessary for manufacturing. We're already finalizing plans with various manufacturing, shipping, and fulfillment partners, as well as working hard to complete all of the Chaperone and Chaperone pledge level illustrations. I really appreciate those backers who went above and beyond by pledging to have themselves drawn into the game, and I think it will end up being some best art in the game! 

In fact, let me give you a sneak peak of one of the Showstopper pieces below!

Obviously this is just a sketch, but you can expect some really nice artwork updates over the next couple of months as we prepare for manufacturing! Speaking of updates, you should expect monthly updates. These updates will fill you in on where we are at production-wise, show off new artwork, and maybe even reveal a few surprises I have up my sleeve!

We will also announce the date that the pledge manager goes live in one of these updates. Once that happens, backers will be able to pay for shipping.  Backers can also increase their pledges if they would like multiple copies, and late pledges will also be available so that new people can join our Dance Card! family! The pledge manager should go live in about two to three months. 

Finally, I want to make sure we stay connected between now and fulfillment. There are several ways to stay in touch! First, feel free to keep posting comments on this project page and I will always do my best to respond! You can also email me at cardboardconsolegames@gmail.com. Then, of course, I want to keep the Dance Card! Community Group! alive in well, so I will be posting random Dance Card! stuff in there, like sketches, for people who don't want to wait for the updates. Oh, and if you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, please head over to the Official Cardboard Console Site and do so!

Okay, that's all for this update. There is SO much work to do now that we're funded, but I'm looking forward to completing this game and getting it to you as soon as possible. Thank you once again. You're all the best!

- Michael

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