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GAMA and Current Events Update

Hey, everyone!

It's hard to believe that myself and thousands of other publishers, retailers, designers, and more were in attendance at GAMA 2020 just a few weeks ago. While everyone was aware of COVID-19 and most were taking safety precautions, looking back on it from the perspective of someone now living in a world where most businesses are closed, all industry gatherings have been cancelled, and I can go several days at a time without leaving my home, it felt like a completely different world to me than the one we live in now. Things have changed so much since then, and we are all trying to adapt to those changes. 

I had a lot of plans for 2020. Once I had physical copies of "Dance Card!" in hand, my plan was to attend every major convention and really push the game, in addition to visiting hundreds of retailers across the country where I could demo and sell the game in person. While at GAMA, I had the pleasure of meeting probably over a hundred retailers, many of whom approached me about Dance Card! (always a good sign), and had a very positive reaction to the game. I had one retailer thank me for making a game that was so inclusive and said that they would spread the word in their community. Another retailer invited me to host a launch event at their store. Many other retailers preordered the game on the spot. It seemed as though everything was starting to click into place. 

But life finds a way to complicate things, and that has never been more apparent than this moment that we find ourselves in. Most, if not all, of the retailers that I spoke to have closed their stores indefinitely. There will likely be delays to our physical production, which takes place in China. I have no idea when it will be safe to travel again, putting my plans to visit stores and conventions on the back burner for an unknown period of time. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't frustrated by these circumstances, or that I wasn't even more frustrated with myself for failing to get this game out earlier in order to avoid all of this. 

But dwelling on such things rarely helps to make a situation better, so I'm committed to making sure all of the assets for "Dance Card!" are completed on my end so that the game can be produced as soon as possible! We'll be working on updating the rule book soon to include all of the new components and mechanics that were a result of stretch goals. Then, I'm going to produce one final "testing" copy and spend some time making sure all of the balancing kinks have been worked out. Then: production! Hopefully we all come out of this situation healthy and wiser than before, and we can return to some semblance of normalcy and, of course, GAMING!

Thank you for all the support, it means more than you know!

Sincerely, Michael  Melkonian Designer/Co-Owner Cardboard Console 

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