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First sample copy arrives!

I am happy to announce that we have received the first sample copy of Dance Card! from our manufacturer! This is our first look at what a retail copy of the game would look like, and it's beautiful. Please enjoy the images below:

Pretty cool, huh? There are still some minor changes to be made, such as fixing a few typos and one instance of missing art. We should have all of these edits completed by the end of this weekend. The next week will consist of proof reading the rule book and play testing all of the modes to assure balance. By the end of this coming week, I expect to give our final approval to the manufacturer. 

I know you've all been waiting patiently for your copy of Dance Card!, so I wanted to give you a timeline update.  Once we give our approval, the manufacturer will need around 40 days to produce the mass production sample. This sample will come directly from the printing station and is 100% the same as the final product. Then, after the mass production sample is approved, they will need another 25 days to finish all game assembly. That comes out to roughly another two months.

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