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4 Days left to back Dance Card!

Dance Card has 4 days left to its Kickstarter campaign, and it's been an exciting one! So far, backers have unlocked many stretch goals that have added free extra gameplay content to their boxes:

As you can see, there are more stretch goals to obtain! There's still time to do so, so let all your friends now to check out the Kickstarter!

Here are some details on the upcoming stretch goals:

Say hello to Joe, Roxi, Xander, and Charlotte, the "cool kids" (name subject to change) of Sackson High! Unlocking the first of these three stretch goals will allow us to include standees for each of these characters, as well as a reference card that explains how they work. These four students do not have corresponding dance cards and are not playable (well, not yet!), but they are still placed on the board during setup. 

Just like all other students in the game, players can spend a Move action to move a "cool kid" standee to an adjacent location. If a player student takes a Dance action while on the same location as a "cool kid," they will have either a bonus or penalty added to their dance roll. If the player student does NOT match the color of the "cool kid," then that player can choose to either add the colored die associated with that "cool kid" to their dance roll, or they can  choose to add two gray dice. But if a player student is the SAME color as the "cool kid" in their location, then they must add two black dice to their roll. They're cool enough to help out, but they don't want competition!

Unlocking the following stretch goal will allow us to include four dance cards specifically for these "cool kids," allowing players to take on the roles of these characters! The "cool kids" reference card will still be in the play area, but each one of these characters will also have their own personal ability. 

You'll notice that the area for personal abilities on each of those cards is blank. That's because I have several competing and equally viable design ideas for how each student would work. Once the campaign is over, I will post an update detailing the different ability options and allow the backers to voice their opinions on which abilities they like best for these students!

Finally we have the Charlie Chainmaker "chaperone." Charlie is the mascot of Sackson High, and the faculty thought it would be a good idea to inject some school spirit into the dance! Unlocking this third and final stretch goal will allow us to include a "Charlie Chainmaker" standee, challenge card, and dedicated "Charlie Deck" in the game! 

Let's work together to make this dance end with a big bang!

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