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1-4 players
45 mins
Ages 10+

A refreshing new game of dance floor strategy

for 1-4 players!


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Own the Dance Floor!

Dance Card! is a refreshing new game of dance floor strategy. Designed by Michael Melkonian, Dance Card! puts players in the shoes of students trying to impress their classmates by dancing with all of their desired partners and owning the dance floor.


Featuring a contemporary theme and beautiful artwork depicting its diverse and inclusive cast of playable characters, Dance Card! is easy to learn and play, making it a great entry point for newcomers to the board gaming hobby, but is also filled with strategic choices and tactical decision-making at every turn to keep even experienced gamers on their toes! 


With asymmetrical abilities for each character, variable setup options, and countless challenges, events, and player cards to mix things up, no two games of Dance Card! are ever the same!

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Gameplay focuses on a board that depicts the Sackson High gymnasium converted into a dance floor. Players must use their chosen student's unique ability and friends to navigate the floor and find their desired dance partners in order to impress them with their moves.


Players can move any student and will need to spend their limited actions wisely to properly position each student in order to create the most beneficial Dance Dice pool for when they finally get a chance to bust a move. Of course, opponents will use every opportunity they can to position rivals, crushes and chaperones near a player’s student to counter their Dance Dice pool and kill their groove.


Luckily, everyone can make use of Smooth Moves cards to change things in their favor, and Mix It Up cards will shake things up in unexpected, and potentially beneficial, ways. The current music selection will also help certain students, so they’ll need to strike when the beat is right!

Three Ways to Play!

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Everyone's Invited!

Experienced Gamers
  • Tactical decision-making on every turn!

  • Variable setup! Each game plays out differently!

  • Asymmetrical powers for each playable character!

New Gamers
  • Contemporary theme & beautiful artwork!

  • A diverse and inclusive cast of characters to play!

  • Easy to learn & easy to play!

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How to Play

Watch Theo at Geeky Gaymer Guy play a few rounds of Competitive Mode!

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