Dance Card!


45 Minutes     |     1-4 Players     |     Ages 10+ 


Take on the role of a unique student at the Sackson High Homecoming dance and groove your way to victory in one of three modes: Solo, Competitive, or Cooperative.


Dance Card! is the only tabletop game of dance floor strategy that offers challenge and tactical play to players of any experience level, so hit the dance floor now!  

Freshman Year Deluxe Edition                       


Base Game + All Stretch Goals + All Kickstarter Exclusives

For a limited time, every copy of Dance Card! will be the Freshman Year Deluxe Edition. This version includes additional content that will not be in future print runs of the game, so order your copy now before they run out!

Dance Card! Freshmen Year Deluxe Edition comes with more playable characters, abilities, cards, chaperones, dice, and spin dials to enhance your gaming experience. 

Tabletopia Version


Digital Edition Available Now

The standard edition of Dance Card! is available now on Tabletopia.

Tabletopia is an online platform that gamers use to play the digital versions of tabletop games on computers and mobile devices. Please note that the version of Dance Card! available on Tabletopia does not include any of the additional Deluxe Edition components.   



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